St Bede’s Inter-Church School
Birdwood Road, Cambridge, CB3 1TD

Thank you once again to you all for coming into the school with such enthusiasm and positivity and for being willing to shape your usual presentations into the needs of our school programme. We were really pleased to have you and I hope that we can find other opportunities to share your vision and work with our students. With all good wishes

Revd Dr Alexandra Clarke, Chaplain

Woodcroft Primary School
Goldbeaters Grove, Burnt Oak, Edgware, HA8 0QF

A team from Inner Peace UK visited Woodcroft on Wednesday 15th March to work with classes in Years 4 and 5. They focused on developing calming strategies within the pupils and showing them how to focus their inner, positive energy.

All of the classes thoroughly enjoyed their session. Here’s what some pupils said:

“I loved the Inner Peace session because it told a story. We also learned how to be calm and make the world better place. It was amazing!” Huda

“Inner Peace has helped me to be very calm and focused in lesson time.” Akeem

“Inner Peace helped me co-operate with my classemates. It taught me that all you need to do is stay calm and believe in yourself!” Nadera

“I liked Inner peace because it felt so calm and it really brings out your inner-self.” Amall

“It made me feel happy, calm and relaxed. I liked the games we played and the calming mediation. I wish I could do it again right now!” Gemma

“It was fun, we played the 21 Game and heard a lovely story about a Legend all about hiding a special power.” Tiyana

“Inner Peace Day was a wonderful experience. We must say a big thank you to the team who came and talked with us.” Calvin