Inner Peace through Meditation

Meditation gives us a uniquely precious space where we can reduce the pressures from the outside world and restore our natural balance. It calms unhelpful over-activity of the brain, soothing away negative thoughts and giving a deep sense of relaxation and peace.

One of our aims at the inner peace association is to bring a tangible experience into the classroom. During our visits we begin by playing simple games to encourage group co-operation. We follow with a simple meditation exercise that affirms the desire to feel peace within the self and within the world. The session concludes with feedback from the children.

The Benefits of Inner Peace

Recent surveys indicate that the UK has the second poorest rate of mental well-being and happiness in the world. The meditation experience helps to develop the child as a whole; regulating emotions, improving attention and bringing about a more peaceful state of being.

The IPD project offers an opportunity for each child to build their confidence, resilience and self-esteem. It enables individuals to develop greater empathy and to form increasingly constructive ways of communicating with others. Through the meditation process children become more balanced, creative, positive and sociable.

As they become more balanced they are better placed to enjoy and manage all aspects of their lives, whilst respecting themselves and others. Meditation may have extremely positive effects on a child’s performance at school. As students learn to relax their minds, calm their thoughts and focus their attention, their memory and concentration automatically improve.

Tailor made sessions for your school

Our volunteers offer a variety of sessions to suit your needs, ranging from school assembly presentations, one-off classroom sessions, whole day events and four week courses. The sessions consist of slide and video presentations, trust building games and a meditation. Please ask your Inner Peace contact for more information.